Saturday, November 27, 2010

Have An Enchanting New Year

Have An Enchanting New Year
See you later,

I objective you all foothold enjoyed the long-gone few weeks of celebrations with your friends, coven and families. As 2012 comes to a just about, I wish you all a new go out with full of good health, occupation, love, and magick.

More or less is a spell of view that was primitive published in the Spell-a-day Register in 2007 for New Energy eve. I matter you would all manipulation it!

DECEMBER 31ST(NEW Energy EVE)At midnight on New Energy Eve stand at your verge and recuperate this spell to satisfactory in the go out with. This New Year's Eve spell calls for prosperity, health and pleasure. It what's more reaffirms your vows as a Witch to "Tart none." A few minutes before midnight, light a white candle, to exemplify the new go out with. With set it in a far above the ground place and move to your be in the lead admission. Native the admission important and recuperate the spell as the new go out with is untrained.

"*As the chronometer strikes twelve, so begins a new calendar go out with,"

"Now ring in prosperity, health, pleasure, and good uplift."I satisfactory this magickal go out with with objective and open arms,"May I be placed my vows to help, to heal, and to opening no harm."By the powers of inglenook and home this spell is spun, As I character it so shall it be, and let it harm none."

" *Copyrighted material- "This spell was written by Ellen Dugan and may not be reproduced in any form short written leave from author. "

Chomp an Thrilling New Year!

Wonderful be, Ellen