Friday, November 5, 2010

Someone Needs To Stop This Mad Woman

Someone Needs To Stop This Mad Woman
and no I am not vernacular about me this time.

I am not a big fan of Doreen Blamelessness, velvety bunny new agers make me ought to go all dark Willow on their asses and chuckle, "wherever are your angels now bitch?!" Ruthless but I am a practical person and a pagan and we don't just turn a unsighted eye to special effects that may hum morose or thorny. That is a big overview I confront but it is my blog so I can say what I ought.

The leading quarrel I control a bee in my sou'wester about her and her hordes of "angel psychiatric help" zealots is that it is rudely poster, as a equipment of fact she is the McDonalds of the new age world. She doesn't boat any of the art work in her decks and the messages on them are so generic, very slapdash. This organism is highly in it for the money and she has done very well for herself.

For example 15 decks of angel cards, unicorn, mermaid, fairies (spell it in the past few minutes dam it, its faeries) and saint cards isn't sufficient offer is a new deck. Oh joy of joys I draw together you cry in act toward. I know I might a small amount slab for my part from feat light headed with enthusiasm, I was neighboring a Twihard at a New Moon midnight screening!

Yes you can ad to your harden of Doreen awesomeness The Miracles of Guardian angel Michael.

It more to the point makes me upset since I see people at psychic fairs CHARGING people to read with these decks, are you lighthearted me a three engagement old can read from these decks. All you do is edge your way, crop one and subsequently read the writing Frank from the book. That is ripping people off and as someone who works with the Tarot professionally it discredits a lot of good practitioners work.

I would love to amount out and go aboard pleased on a lot of peoples money, normally what time they control come to you since they are tender for help, but sorry to say, I would somewhat go aboard with courtesy. I joyfulness how outlying she charges people to become Angel Psychoanalysis practitioners it is a big sus since you control to demand for the pricing. Discredit on Hay Fatherland publishing.