Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Spiritualism Victorifrances Favole Tarot Review And Readings Offered Online

Spiritualism Victorifrances Favole Tarot Review And Readings Offered Online Image

This weekend my new tarot deck arrived, I ordered it from Ebay and the postage was incredibly quick only taking a week to get here.

After seeing this tarot offered at the online shop I purchased it from, I jumped onto the artist's website and had a look at what her work consisted of. Very gothic, plenty of vampires and dark colouring, it very much appeals to my love of the Victorian era. I am not Gothic, although I got asked that a lot when I had long black hair, it isn't my fault I am a pale skinned person. I have nothing against anyone who is Gothic and I actually understand that there is a difference between Gothic and Emo. I have a feeling that Emo's make Gothic's cringe. Anyway I digress.

The tarot is full art on the Major Arcana and the court Cards only. This is something to consider if you are looking to use this deck in readings, a good understanding of the meaning of the pip cards would be essential to read successfully with this deck. Something else to have a good think about it that the suits are not tradition, instead of pentacle, cups, wands and swords, you have roses, crosses, butterflies and masks. There is no real guide as to which of the suits match the traditional ones that is something I assume you are left to decide yourself. The art work is beautiful, there is a lot of blood and vampires, not that there would be anyone who would purchase this deck that is not aware of it.

I would probably not use this deck for readings, but I collect tarot decks and this is a happy addition.

I am going to trial offering my readings online; I have never done it before and am going to see how I go. As I do not have any other format, I have put them on Ebay. Only offering a couple a month. I went to a couple of fantastic scrap booking shops on Saturday and got some great findings and decorations for the reports offered.

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