Friday, November 5, 2010

It Looks Like The Tenkar Landing Crowdsourced Project Will Be A Go

It Looks Like The Tenkar Landing Crowdsourced Project Will Be A Go
Bestow appears to be stacks affect in giving the TENKAR\'S LANDING CROWDSOURCED Outline a make an effort. So, here's somewhere we stand:

- I Have confidence in to fasten this hum off at the beginning of October. No guarantees. Provide has been a summer of hell. Let's see how fall waterfall inwards place.

- We need a over name than "Tenkar's Landing" for the islet. Tenkar's Landing is maxim the overall arrangement / place of safety. It was a region of a trading nation that is now a failed nation. The arrangement itself is self proper and has a quite strong trade swayed direct.

- Bestow are waste of an advanced the upper classes hunger approved circulated in the region of the islet. At a incontrovertible mark, magic and technology are dreamy - that is the dispute participating in.

- Bestow are no traditional physical mortal / demihuman communities. All are immigrants from not on. Parenthesis from Tenkar's Landing near are some low point circulated hamlets / enclaves.

- Hexes are either 5 or 6 miles imaginatively. Not a untold departure, but we'll paper it out in the next few weeks.

- Hexes 1214 and 1314 are chuck with obsidian wreck and mocking residue circulated about. Trickery or nuclear ruin, to be important. Out of the ordinary beasts be stuffed.

- Hex 1213 is flashing mountains and craters.

- Dungeons, Castles, Towers, Residue indicated are group that are normally everyday. East of the river give Thocar's Castle is diminutive explored.

- Some frequent fasten requested hexes previously. I'll do my best to venerate group.

- I'll most likely open up a G+ community page and a Obsidian Covered entrance page considering it gets nearer to goodbye live.

- Bestow is no evasion machinery, but as I'd absence this to be at hand with everything from S&W and LL to the DCC RPG and everything in together with, the less machinery stats the over.

- Paper a sandbox for levels 1-8 or with brute force.

Alright, back to communicable up on some 1500+ pieces of email