Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Devil New Deck Housewives Tarot

The Devil New Deck Housewives Tarot Image
Deck Name: The Housewives TarotCreated By: Paul Kepple and Jude Buffum

Published: Quirk Books


Cards in Deck: 78 Cards

Card Dimensions: 7cm x 11cm

Overview: Everything about the kit is appealing to me, not only does it have a great sense of humour but it also reflects some amazing insights.

Some of the cards that I love are:

The Devil - represented in this deck as a Devil's food chocolate cake with horns and sexy legs surrounded by other tempting items.

Death - which is pictured as off mayonnaise and other food gone bad.

The High Priestess - whom has been turned into a bottle of Secret Syrup containing the secrets of the universe.

Temperance - A classic kitchen aid combining different temperaments into one

Illustration: 40's and 50's inspired illustration.

Theme/Lore: The suits have been given a little twist of their own with the wands being pictured as mops, the cups a martini glass (with olive of course), swords are carving instruments and the pentacles are plates.

Book/Supplementary Information: A lovely little book also fits into the pack which gives information about each of the cards (with keywords to help you learn them) and also some unique card spreads such as; The Neapolitan, The Dinette, The Clothesline of Life and of course The Martini.

Design/Packaging: The pattern on the back of the cards is chequered like a picnic blanket and the box is set out like a recipe cardholder. The deck is even guaranteed by the Housewife Occultist of America.

Final Score: 9 Out of 10

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