Saturday, June 13, 2009

Tarot Of Marseilles

Tarot Of Marseilles Image
So we have a situation at work, the market is quiet and I am scratching my head as to what we can try as a team or what I can try as a Manager to do things differently. So I am using the Tarot to see if I can find another way of approaching things.

I am using my new deck the Tarot of the Sweet Twilight link here and a Tarot spread from the book Illustrated Tarot Spreads by Pielmeier and Schirner link here.

These cards are not the most typical for a reading on work and business but you can always see a meaning based on the situation and context, which is something a lot of people struggle with when they start to learn the Tarot. I also just want to mention that the meanings below are my interpretation not from a book.

Position 1. - My problem / the themeCard 1. - 10 of Cups/Chalices

Meaning - There is an overflow a saturation (represented by the liquid in the cups) and with the saturation there is little that is of actual use. That can often be the case in situations where there seems to be too much. We spend a lot of time focusing on the wrong thing, what we don't have, what we might lose, what is wrong and not on anything productive and positive. While I am very positive at work and always try and see a situation in the light, maybe is it time for a reality check.

Position 2. - What I cannot changeCard 2. - 3 of Swords

Meaning - Traditionally the card of heart ache I guess this can mean that I can not change what has happened in the past at work and what I have experienced in other work places that have left me emotionally, physically and mentally drained and in one case very hurt. I can not change the hurt or betrayal in the past and let it make me wary of making an actual investment in work. The question is do I really want to in this position, is my heart really into it?

Position 3. - What I need to do / my taskCard 3. - 6 of Wands

Meaning - This is a success card or a completion of a task card, and yet the illustration on this card the character in the card is not very happy. So talk about a contradiction. Maybe I have to let go of what I have achieved in the past and start to actually let all of the hard stuff I went through to get this job and workplace the way it is go and focus on the future.

Position 4. - What alternative do I still have?Card 4. - Death

Meaning - "I'm walking away" just popped into my head, I guess I always have the choice to get another job but I don't want to. I guess I am going to interpret this as I have the ability to transform anything I wish as long as I am willing to do it.

Position 5. - How will it continue for now?Card 5. - 6 of Pentacles/Coins

Meaning - Money, success, gain, loss, poverty are all changing energies and all flow. There is a time for everything. I traditionally see this card as having something coming to you and as it is Pentacles it is practical, monetary or to do with material success.

Overall - So ride the wave, leave what is done in the past in relation to work in the past, decide how much I want to give to the business and to my workplace and then it will all flow from there. If anyone has another interpretation based on the cards they see here please leave a comment!

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