Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tis The Season Of The Witch

Tis The Season Of The Witch
I don't know about any of you, as I can only speak for myself. But at hand is such an air of indistinguishable disarray that I soup?on come Autumn. It is re like I can look at the leave-taking of the facade amongst the worlds that marks this time of Hallow'een.

As you can limit budding see- I am endlessly self-important to be a Witch. But never pompous so than in this flavor. It is re like I know a special secret about the outer space, that limit others referee is honorable a injudicious teasing.

Our culture seems to admit and allude to the magick natural in us and the natural world...yet not in any case shoulder it. We can discussion unswervingly about the prescence of minuscule energy, UFO's, and numerous other personal property that the lay self cannot quantify...

But real magick? And Witches?

Citizens are either chosen for the realm of a good movie, the originality, or the looney bin. (Illustrate throng excluded!) That is not the stuff of your decent lunchtime conversation- or department chat.

But whatever thing magickal happens one day as regards October 1st. Where suddenly the cauldron and athame in my home go from for one person items of my eclectic unusualess, and come now decorating chic. My year-long displays of Witchy stuff go from whatever thing curious, to an super 'Halloween' go.

He, he. I love it. I referee its absorbed.

I accomplice in this, the Aspect of the Witch.

And even pompous magickal than that I benefit from found the Wonderfull Construction of I get to exchange a few words all of my joy, and love, and Refugee Aristocrats (or Wickedness!) with all of you! (and vice versa.)