Saturday, June 20, 2009

Waxing Moon Ritual

Waxing Moon Ritual
(To be performed after the first visible crescent has appeared).

On the altar, place a bowl of seeds. Fill the central cauldron with earth, and place a candle in the center.

When ready, begin with a breathing meditation.

"This is the time of beginning, the seed time of creation, the awakening after sleep. Now the moon emerges, a crescent out of the dark; the Birthgiver returns from Death. The tide turns; all is transformed. Tonight I am touched by the Maiden who yields to all and yet is penetrated by none. She changes everything She touches; may She open me to change and growth. Merry meet."

Purify, cast the circle, and invoke the Goddess and God.

Take the bowl of grain from the altar, saying:

"Blessed be, creature of earth, moon seed of change, bright beginning of a new circle of time. Power to start, power to grow, power to make new be in this seed. Blessed be."

Going sunwise around the circle, offer the bowl to each quarter, asking, "What will you plant with the moon?"

Returning to the center of the circle, ask yourself the same question. Reply with what plans you wish to begin, or hopes you want to grow, in the moon to come.

"The blessing of the new moon be upon it."

Visualize a clear image of what you want to grow, charging the seeds with the image. One by one, plant the seeds in the earth in the central cauldron.

Raise a Cone of Power to charge the seeds and earth with energy, and empower the projects they represent. The Cone is grounded into the cauldron.

Trance work or scrying may focus on clarity of vision for the projects now begun.

Feast, and open the circle.