Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Quest Tarot Deck

Quest Tarot Deck Image
There are lots of people in the world that feel that black magick is an easy art. And that all that is involved in it is on the spur of the moment setting up a few candles and chanting some phrases and then magically having everything appear to them.

Ok that would be called a three minute spell and they seldom work. Anyone that claims to be able to do spell on the spur of the moment without any planning will have poor results with their spells. Trust me, you will get better results when you take the time to plan out your Black magic spells and understand the complete process involved in casting them.

There may come a point in the future where you own will power will be enough to create things that you desire, but as far as spells and rituals go (especially ones that involve summoning or evocation) you need to make sure that you have a strong understanding of the spell you are going to cast.

When I start my planning I start by selecting the spell or ritual that I wish to cast. If I am creating it myself then I will meditate on the concept for a few days planning out every detail and making sure that I understand every element involved in the spell I am making. If I am using a spell or ritual from a book I will read the ritual over a good many times in order to completely understand what it is that I am doing. After I have read it over I will commit the entire spell to memory, even the words that I do not have to say just so I am well prepared.

I will them take time to make sure that I have all the necessary materials for the spell. If I do not already have what I need I will go out and buy it. Anytime I start a new spell doesn't matter if I already own the items of if I buy them I will always cleanse them in a salt water bath to make sure the energy are clean. The last thing you want is to have energies from other spells mixing and causing strange results.

Bell, Book and Candle

So far I have memorized the spell and I have my materials. I am still not ready to cast the spell as I need to have a complete image of what I want the result of the spell to be. Lets say I am casting a love spell and I desire a specific man. I will write out a description of this man and all the qualities I want and then hold an image of this guy in my mind. Remember the actually result might be close but not exact, so if you image a guy with blond hair and you get one with brown hair who is basically perfect do not be mad, be grateful, Where he is lacking in some areas he may make up for in others.

After I have the image of my desired results I will meditate on that desire making sure that I feel the energy and that during the spell I can bring out my strong passionate energies towards my desire. During the spell there will be no confusion of what you want as you will clearly have the image in your mind and your connection with that image will be strong. This will make the spell VERYpowerful.

Quest Tarot Deck, The Magician

(This Tarot Card is from the Quest Tarot deck)

There is one thing I always do before casting the spell that is super important. Before casting the spell I will sit in silence with myself and see if I have any limiting beliefs towards the spell. A limiting belief is basically a thought in your mind that say "you can't do this" or "This is impossible" ect. These are thoughts that will cause a spell to fail. Confidence and belief in ones abilities is essential for success in spell casting. If I find any of these limiting beliefs I will change them or eliminate them so that they do not interfere with my magick. I am a black magician and that mean I need to have a complete understanding of what is going on inside of me. The greatest challenges in black magic are not what is on the outside, but what is on the inside.

Once I feel prepared I will then choose a date, pick a location and prepare the altar to cast the spell. Preparation also gives one a feeling of ease as they know inside that they are prepared and can successfully cast the spell without any stumbles or falters. This allows the whole process to go smoothly with the magician displaying high levels of confidence and focus, guaranteeing success of the spell.

Happy Casting.

Priestess Akelta

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