Saturday, June 13, 2009

Occult Master And The Mary El Tarot

Occult Master And The Mary El Tarot Image
"Nine of Disks" by Marie White

"I am the Sun and the Moon, Night and Day,

Light and Dark, Evil and Good.

All are within me. I am Abraxas.

I am God and Diabolus - The Creator, and... The Destroyer.

He who brings an end to cherished wishes and the works of man.

And yet he who inspires genius with that inner daemon,

Who gives birth to all great hopes, I am Sol and Luna conjoined

The Male and the Female - Androgyne.

The Secret of the Alchemists fulfilled - The Great Elixir...

Elusive yet within all. The Paradox. The Polarities in union

The rays of my sun burneth those who approach - An exquisite pain.

For ye who seek wisdom and truth and folly

and are yet in earnest, Can resist not my allurements,

For I am the secret the Magicians seek."

KB ~ "Circlecaster", Autumn 1997

In case you didn't notice, I'm in love with the Mary-El Tarot, a yet unpublished tarot deck by artist Marie White. Each card of both the minor and major arcanas is a fully detailed painting, it has taken her over a decade and she is only one card away from completion. I drool at the thought of it's release and having this deck in my hot little hands! Her paintings of the Horned God are to die for

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