Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Honey As A Magickal Ingredient

Honey As A Magickal Ingredient
RULER: "Oshun, bee goddess"

TYPE: "Make"


Use this lush and thick matter to attract good load, vibrancy, and love. Plates thorough with sweetheart send for angels and other good for your health spirits. For wealth, procedure an altar with difference drizzled with sweetheart. For a opening ceremony spell, drench a pumpkin with sweetheart and give over it to a stream. For love, saturate in gauzy water and sweetheart.

This is also a gorgeous grant for the love goddesses. The plunge and fertility-enhancing properties of sweetheart may owe that nature to the hexagons of the honeycomb, six existence the sacred sexual number of Aphrodite.

Note: An wasting opportunity was whilst finished on the African love goddess, Oshun. The plot was to contaminate her with sweetheart. In remembrance of this, ad infinitum acumen the sweetheart topmost before grant libations to any goddess.

From: Information bank of Magickal Ingredients

Reference: about-world-religions.blogspot.com