Tuesday, February 26, 2013

How To Use Magical Oils

How To Use Magical Oils
Oils can be cast-off in rituals in particular character ways: The OIL represents the spirit or substance of a specific energy. So, using the oil in a ritual adds a encouraging effect to your magical working.


Oil can cast-off to anoint a candle at the forefront a spell is cast. Anointing a candle is easy - simply farm your candle and rub the oil onto it though you specialty on the effect that you resolve to provoke. Let your candle sit for a few moments at the forefront you light it. Oil is flammable so be wary equally working re heat and burn.


Wear off your oil with a shipper oil, such as a disarrange of ecological oil or almond oil, and add a boost of your beloved herb. So you do your ritual specialty on the energies of the oil and anoint yourself on your top (3rd eye), and upon your center. This is sales rep of center anointed with the energies of the oil in your center and in your spirit. Painstakingly use your oil to anoint magical bits and pieces and sacred spaces. Assured oils are furious and must not be cast-off on the unwrap unless they are reedy in a shipper oil in a cavernous summation.


Collect a few drops of oil in a burner or diffuser and in the vein of the fragrance of your oil as it surrounds you clothed in your ritual. Grip high your diffuser with water and place 3-4 drops of your beloved oil all the rage the water, light a tea light candle and place it below in the burner. As your oil warms it momentum move the fragrance through the air as you do your ritual or perform your magic.

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