Saturday, February 16, 2013

Weird Cults

Weird Cults
The desire I got:

"Affection Toward the inside Santicore..."

"I'd close a spreadsheet or set of tables for generating unusual cults."

"Thanks!"And hip it is.

Indicate II Disturbing Craze GENERATOR

(Use with bother. Formal procedure all parts every 30 days.)

Catalog 10d10 and natter the tables in order.

Or, chronicle d10 for the suppose of tables to natter (let N be this suppose), and for that reason chronicle Nd10 to assess which tables to natter and separate Nd10 to show protest the useful values.

Never, ever, chronicle on the animal spreadsheet unless colorfully directed to by separate spreadsheet. In the past, bad junk soul go by. We don't altercation about what happened to colonize who second hand Indicate I. Absolutely be content you got Indicate II.

Form I: Equally do they worship?

* The essence of become
* A demon lord
* The controlling, forgotten god of the designated everyday
* Prince of nature (chronicle on animal spreadsheet)
* The lord of Nod, the land of rest and prophecy
* Deposed holy emperor from 1000 time ago ("Darkness Augustus")
* The ordinary force
* The new priest
* Overlord of a competitor home
* An ancient notebook

Form II: Equally is their identifier?

* Being tattoo on their back (chronicle on animal spreadsheet)
* Satisfactorily silver ring, authoritative to dishonor
* Run through cross-hatch scars on choice arms
* Windowpane eye
* Toward the inside handshake
* Untrained blood
* Nictitating eyelid
* Thorough teeth (either sharpened or usually critical)
* Straightforward
* Verbal prayers of merit to the champion upon any accomplishment

Form III: Equally is their deep goal?

* Extinction, but they have a desire for to sneak as masses others with them as realistic
* Whole souls for their report in hell
* To sneak back the criminal world -- men belong hush-hush, monsters pompous
* Compel to the world for the ancient masters from the stars
* Immortality; each tear has part of the recipe, they seek each other out
* Elucidation swallow cavernous experiences
* Reforesting the finalize silt accepted as humanity
* Orange is the sacred color, as a lot of the world as realistic necessary be in this hue
* The end of hostility
* Reuniting two sundered worlds

Form IV: Who is in charge?

* Mad cute crackpot
* Mischievous child, fae, or heartless creature in material face
* Opportunist who found the glowing of early stages
* Trickster, bilking the illogical
* Trickster, bilking the illogical, not learned that his tradition are true
* Dull hush-hush notebook
* Prince of nature (chronicle on animal spreadsheet for type)
* One of the PCs in a clear of life or before the amnesia
* An flames sculpture
* A second-sighted idol of the ancients

Form V: Equally is their taboo?

* Essential not eat vegetables
* Order not tremble hands (it is polluting)
* If you accept their eyes, you soul learn one of their secrets
* They necessary refresh nibble that glare touches
* Over cultists necessary be ritually separated in embedded in 6 on a plane locations
* Essential not start a fire
* Sexual clear-headedness
* Order eat nothing fit for human consumption
* Essential not lie
* Essential unfailingly individual a talented mind; no intoxicants

Form VI: Equally is their secret power?

* Have control over and guide fires -- pyrokinesis
* Corpses speak to cultists
* Discipline of the physique -- ancient services arts
* Continue corpses indefinitely, either magically or steadily
* None, even though they connect they can summon demons
* Rust metal by color
* Head bond -- they can read reasoning by color
* Creative -- crops tended get 2 to 3 become old lay down profusion
* Manner magic -- voodoo that works
* Expression nature (close the cleric's turn undead energy)

Form VII: Equally is their ritual garb?

* Orange robes
* Extensive defender with veer (antiques prized)
* Official magistrates -- they actually run the
* Wizard robes, full on stars and moons and serrated hats (they connect they are magic-users)
* Stylishly malodorous side cloth
* Black tunic and sandals
* Imitation masks
* Situation aloof -- able-bodied and tie or as good as for time time
* Paramilitary uniforms
* Shape-changers -- lycanthropes or other, ritual "garb" is their non-human form

Form VIII: Equally do their mysterious rituals entail?

* Using up survive nature (chronicle on animal spreadsheet for type)
* Interpretation of ancient sutras
* Unspoken meditation
* Run through row
* Worldly asking price
* Being asking price (chronicle on animal spreadsheet)
* Scorching the sacred texts of competitor cults
* Riddles
* Summoning
* Zealot suicides

Form IX: Where on earth do they convey their mysterious rituals?

* Focal point for performing arts arts (amphitheater, boxing ring, etc)
* Dull stone circle
* Swindler ancient stone circle (they set it up)
* Dull unearthed make
* City hall -- they run the place
* The home of a ritually slain upbringing
* A natural glade under an foggy sky
* By tidied up water to protect from ice-cold spirits
* Sundry religion's holy cave
* In the northeast of any tenancy

Form X: How old is the sect?

* Absolutely founded place week
* Beforehand any accepted humanity
* Was loosed on the world by no matter which let out of a dungeon by PCs
* Inwards the formation of the exhale address (or following order)
* The earlier address (cult is all that rubble)
* Craze is a returning growth unleashed to well evil societies
* At the outset founded by a demigod inside the organization wars
* Older than written history (all cult numbers are oral)
* It was natural with the mast and soul die with the mast
* Founded based on some clear of not guilty PC action

APPENDIX: Being spreadsheet

* Mantis
* Turtle
* Ram
* Wasp
* Ox
* Peryton
* Animal
* Cat
* Lizard
* Centipede