Wednesday, February 20, 2013

N Is For Goddess Nike Pagan Blog Project

N Is For Goddess Nike Pagan Blog Project
This week, due to some time constraints, work reports and other projects, I am doing a short (very short) piece on the Goddess Nike.

Nike is the Greek Goddess of Victory. She is the daughter of Pallas and Styx and often associated with Athena. She is a winged Goddess who helps guide the horses of conquering heroes and is a fast runner, swift flyer and a charioteer.

During the War of the Titans, Nike was the personal Charioteer to the Gods and even though her father is a Titan, she fought against the Titans with the Olympians.

Nike has several symbols associated with her: The shield - where she wrote the names of the victors in battle, her wings - which are a symbol of her speed and her ability for flight, the Laurel Wreath - which was given to the victor in athletic competitions and the Palm Branch - which is a symbol of victory and triumph. Lastly, the founder of the Nike company used her name due to its association with victory in athletics!

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