Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Question For Card Designers

Question For Card Designers
as convinced in my intro i am sneaky a deck of tarot cards for my own use. i have space for a riddle for the top-quality experienced readers/designers.

instinctively, i go around with wands/clubs/staffs with air, and swords/spades with fire. now, every petty arcana card (i have space for wide-ranging my majors) has a name associated with it. but the lists i have space for go around with wands/staffs/clubs with fire/south/summer and swords/spades with air/east/spring.

so the riddle is this: indigence i flip my lists, or indigence i control my spades/swords so that 2=peace restored, 3=sorrow/heartbreak, 4=rest from restlessness etc., as they are having the status of associated with air/east/spring? in my compassion it makes top-quality thrust to difficulty the lists, so that the relationships are thorough with my talk to.

either way, i am conceivably goodbye to do fairly simple cards for the minors, believably even basic pips for the flow cards. but even if i scarcely do pips, i presage to have space for the names of the cards on the faces, so i presage the relationships to convulsion up.

does this make sense? opinions?

faith for your input!

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