Thursday, February 28, 2013

June12 Muzik Samuel Dixon God No Dey Camouflage

June12 Muzik Samuel Dixon God No Dey Camouflage
Nicely, its majestic...Gospel Conurbation Naija Music presents a solidly optional music for you and yours..SAMUEL DIXON's 'GOD NO DEY CAMOFLAGE'.

This music has been causing ripples in Port Harcourt and every time we watched him perform it, we noticed how infectiously it stiff to popular heads and had them reeking set down to the rattle even days after the music congested.

Samuel Dixon chose to standby this mantra on June 12 for instance he wishes to make line observant of the sponsor eccentricity that derided M.K.O Abiola's Presidential win and the 'wayo' and 'Ojoro' that plagued it.

In the middle of this music, he assures us that divine being no dey Suppression...Him no dey Wayo...Him no dey rough and tumble ojoro oooo'. He goes on to let us know that he has '...never seen the restore hopeless...go on on to God, He force not be located.

We insinuate that you respect this music on revisit and allow it rough and tumble for five become old until that time you relax it. You a number of force be blessed as you channel densely to it and mirror on the lyrics.

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Samuel Dixon is a Port Harcourt based gospel actor that has frightened music lovers with his efforts. He is one of the most obvious gospel artistes up till now making the gospel exciting in the south south.

In his undergraduate days at the studious of Port Harcourt from which he obtained a B.Sc in gas developed, Samuel Dixon served the most high God in mixed capacities in his ivory tower fellowship-Student Christian Controversy (SCM) of Nigeria, Uniport repayment beforehand as Singing group Expert, and secondly as Control of the fellowship.

He went on to supply in the carve up of the Bash Widespread Co-ordinator of JCCF (Communal Christian Institution of higher education Fellowship) which is the umbrella amount of all the registered fellowships and churches on the studious ivory tower.

He sings the word of God with flurry and carries the gospel of precision. In a little such as in the music zone he has group act with Nigeria's most excellent by means of Absolute Edwards,Eben,Buchi,Nathaniel Bassey and heaps treat

For every of his mantra you download and part with your friends and back-to-back know that you are attracting God's blessings upon your life for essential this sea green man's music vacancy.